I remember my own senior portrait photographer turning her camera toward me, allowing me a brief sneak peek after taking the first few shots. She smiled as I gasped quietly.

I looked beautiful. I felt beautiful. And we both knew it.

It was the first time in a long time that I felt confident in my own beauty - both inside and out.

As I stood at the crossroads of high school and adulthood, ready to leave behind the comfort of crushes and sleepovers and pop quizzes, I realized that I was ready to take the next step and face an uncertain new world, certain in who I was. I shone a little bit brighter.

And I am lucky enough to share that same experience with radiant young women like you every day!

As the owner and photographer behind All That Sparkles Photography, I want to help you capture this perfect moment in time - as you teeter on the precipice of impending adulthood; of new friends, new experiences, and lasting memories. I want to share with you the tangible proof of your intangible value. And I want you to forever look back at what we captured together and smile - knowing how absolutely unique and brilliant you are...just as I felt the day I had my own senior photos taken and saw my beauty with my own eyes; when my entire perspective changed.

Of course, there are a few things that haven’t changed since my days walking the halls of Washburn High School: I still prefer my coffee with a side of whipped cream, I still love Coldstone’s birthday cake ice cream, and I still have an embarrassingly large number of scribbled-in journals stacked safely under my bed.

And, to this day, I am still a sweet ‘n sassy dreamer who loves all things sparkly...just like you. Some things never change!